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Coulda been titled    Lamp Shadow and Lamb.    Baaaaad.     Somebody google ROOFER

crusty barn and blueback sheep




follow the fertilizer trail  1- 2 - 3        2nd annual occurrence  2008       real haze  real poop



1st annual  f t f t  2007    thumbnails

i followed this hawk that followed this tractor that passed by these turkeys before crossing this iron bridge.



Someday, when I get the guts for it, i'll ask permission fm the owners of this treasureland to photograph on the property. This is from the street.

have a seat. take your horseshoes off.



Haypee Birthday to me, I'll live long you'll see,...., Hello Mr Butcher, What's that knife I seee?

utopia rocks!!                                          03302008


take a picture today.        each click happens only once in your lifetime.

all images are original, real color, real moments in time, of life in present day southeastern minnesota.  they are true photographic images without element manipulation or undue processing .    - royneely 2008


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      Smile          Male Ring-necked Pheasant morning light on breast   Byron Rural      Who doesn't like a lunar eclipse? Next to a solar eclipse, only flatulation fascinates the entirety of humankind as much.


  The interior of the currently featured round barn. It's dark, creepy, and full of spider webs and other unknown dark lurking things. Paradise.  ellen, sphygmo, and me     come on, say it real fast.  sphygmomanometer.   again  Happy Thanksgiving  American Water Spaniel   Spice (9yrs) with house reflection in his eyes  11252007  Give those little tricksters full sized candy bars, the affordable home security plan.    Halloween 2007     Shot in infrared light at dark  F828    I liked this shot so much that it's the only picture I took this year.   Yes, I know that this is a real lamo tie in to an open door, but give me a break will ya, I just found out about this stupid name registration thing an hour ago. 11:40pm 10/30/07 rmn


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